Whether you are looking to develop your own leadership and management skills, or looking to develop your workforce, Command135 will work with you to provide the perfect solution.

Individual mentoring

Mentoring isn’t just a luxury for rich executives – it is highly beneficial for everyone from students and grass-roots employees, to aspiring leaders and seasoned managers.

The benefits of mentoring have been proven time and time again, both academically and in the real world. Mentoring provides a space to explore, learn and grow. It sets you on the path to being the best version of you, and can improve not just your success at work, but other areas of your life as well.

Finding the right mentor can be a challenge. Good mentors are experienced, learned, passionate about their work – but above else, need to make you feel comfortable. Good mentors should shape themselves to the needs of their mentee, not the other way around. I have over 15 years of experience mentoring, guiding and developing military personnel, as well as being an experienced mentor for (and Certified Member of) the Australian Human Resources Institute. I have studied sociology, psychology, philosophy and leadership at a tertiary level. I have also studied and undertaken training in such diverse areas as neuroscience, body language, gender, religion and culture. Most importantly however, is my high degree of empathy – I pride myself on my ability to understand and relate with the problems and perspectives of others, and genuinely enjoy working with them to generate solutions.

If you are curious about mentoring but not really sure what it is about or whether it’s for you, contact us for a no-obligation, no-pressure discussion!

Team development

Whilst the stages of group development are easy to recite, in practice they can be incredibly difficult to achieve well. Individual motivation is complex. Developing the social identity required to allow several individuals to work together towards a common goal can feel downright impossible.

Developing teams is considerably different to developing individuals. Whilst the leader must provide the overarching purpose they are working to and the issues they feel are inhibiting goal realisation, equally important is the roadblocks the group members perceive. This necessitates elements of arbitration and conflict resolution on the part of the mentor, which are often impossible for those in the situation to conduct.

I have significant experience working with groups, from leadership positions ranging from four to 125 personnel from various demographics, and equally importantly, experience supporting leaders. I have leadership and followership experience in line and functional roles in military, business and board environments. I have augmented this experience with study in areas such as leadership, motivation, psychology, sociology, criminology, biology and organisational behaviour at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Group mentoring is scalable depending on your situation and needs, and can be conducted in several different ways. Whether you are forming, norming or performing, group mentoring could be a valuable and worthwhile activity for your team and business. Contact Command135 to explore some ideas!

Conflict resolution

Do you know how to resolve disagreements in your workplace? Is conflict undermining your productivity? Or are you involved in a dispute and don’t know how to fix the situation?

Resolving conflict via self-resolution is ideal, but often easier said than done. Sometimes arbitration is required… but without a framework and agreed set of rules, you are unlikely to get to the heart of the matter and determine the appropriate response. And if you get it wrong, the consequences can range from workplace tension to adverse legal action.

As a former military Equity Advisor and commander, I am experienced in resolving conflicts between staff. I can teach you how to approach difficult situations, or work with you to design and implement a conflict resolution framework that meets your needs. I can also arbitrate if you decide a situation warrants an unbiased, experienced third party.

Professional development

Ongoing investment in upskilling your staff not only improves their productivity, but also their self-worth and motivation. ‘Prodev’ is incredibly scalable – it can be formal or informal; expensive or free; out-sourced or conducted in-house. It can also be open-ended, which makes it difficult to know what to focus your precious time and money on.

Deciding on your approach to prodev requires analysis of your mission, your resources, your abilities – and your personnel. I have developed a strong instructional technique over multiple instructional and command postings, as well as conducting training design and implementation. I have also undertaken the full suite of TAE16 courses (Qualified Assessor, Qualified Instructor and Training Supervisor).

Command135 takes prodev seriously. Soldiers only perform as well as they have been trained. The bottom line of any business depends on the amount and quality of effort put in by its workers, and more importantly its leaders. A small investment in training your staff can improve morale, reduce turnover and increase profits. If these things sound appealing, reach out today!