Since 1982, a mysterious 4625 kHz radio signal has been emitted from Russia. All day, every day. The radio station was formerly know as UVB-76 but is now called MDZhB. The Internet refers to it as ‘the Buzzer’.

It emits a low buzzing sound, broken every few seconds by a foghorn-like blast. Every hour (on the hour), a horn blast sounds… and sometimes, a mysterious individual says random words and numbers in Russian.

In 2013, the voice issued its most enigmatic statement to date: “Command 135 issued”.

Many conspiracy theories exist about the Buzzer, but no one has been able to decipher its meaning… nor its intent. Without a doubt though, it means something to someone… those handful of individuals who have been trained and understand it.

Understanding is the key

Whether you want to grow your skills, develop confidence, improve how your business operates, or develop a winning corporate strategy, understanding is essential.

You cannot lead without understanding yourself, your team, your bosses.

You cannot make improvements and efficiencies in your business operations without understanding processes, interdependencies, drivers and risks.

You cannot develop a winning strategy without understanding the market, geography, your company and your enemies.

Understanding does not come naturally. It takes time, effort, an objective perspective, and relevant knowledge.

Meet Robert

I am an experienced mentor, leader and planner who has the knowledge and passion to help you define success and achieve your goals.

I have 19 years experience as an Army Officer, where I have performed a number of roles, ranging from administrative and operational, to command of groups ranging from four to over 120 people. I am qualified and well-versed in military-grade methodologies for risk management, performance and talent management, conflict resolution, project management, stakeholder engagement, damage control and strategic planning.

I have balanced my practical experience with a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminal Justice) from Charles Sturt University and a Master of Business from the University of New South Wales. During my studies I have covered subjects such as sociology, psychology, communication, finance, organisational behaviour and leadership.

I have board experience as a current National Director of the Royal United Services Institute. I am a Professional Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and have assisted a number of their members through the AHRI Mentoring Program. I am also a a member of the Diversity Council of Australia.

I pride myself on being genuine, empathetic, and thorough. I take pride in understanding how people think and what makes them tick, as well as being able to quickly identify where processes can be improved.

I genuinely want to help you succeed, and am ready to invest in you. Contact me for a no-pressure, no-obligation discussion about what I can do for you.